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If you are facing a divorce or have legal issues related to your divorce terms, a family law attorney can help. Some of the major issues that require attention include:
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n Texas, conservatorship refers to what is commonly known as your child custody arrangements, and settling on arrangements that work for you and your children can be a complicated process. If you and your divorcing spouse cannot agree on terms between yourselves – or cannot find mutually acceptable modifications post-divorce – your respective family lawyers can negotiate on your behalf to help you reach a workable solution. If the matter does end up before the court, your family law attorney will help ensure that you obtain arrangements that protect you and your children’s rights and that support your shared needs.
Child support is calculated according to state guidelines, but the court has discretion in the matter in some situations and takes different variables into consideration. If you have child support concerns – whether it is obtaining child support in the first place or requesting a modification – working closely with a dedicated family law attorney is the best path forward.
You have already made it through the divorce process and lived with the terms for a while, but those terms may no longer apply or may simply not be working for you. Sometimes, moving forward with a post-judgment proceeding to obtain a modification is the answer. As your children grow and their needs change, for example, you may reasonably seek custody and/or child support modifications. Because such modifications are important, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced family law attorney.
If paternity is not established at birth in the State of Texas, which is automatic with married couples, it can be confirmed by having the father sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity. Barring this, a court petition can be filed requesting that the court determine paternity. Paternity can have important implications for your children’s emotional and financial futures, and an experienced family law attorney can help you move efficiently through the determination process.
Annulment is a means other than divorce of vacating a marriage, and it can be a surprisingly complicated legal process.
Prenuptial agreements have traditionally had a bad reputation, but that reputation is undeserved. A knowledgeable family law attorney can help you and your soon-to-be spouse create a legal contract that will direct the course of your divorce if your marriage does come to an end. A prenuptial agreement, however, in no way increases the risk that your marriage will end in divorce, and it can provide you with the confidence that
An order of protection is an important legal tool that is used to help stop violence in the home by prohibiting contact for a prescribed period. If you need an order of protection, you need an experienced family law attorney.
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