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The greater your net worth as a couple, the more complicated – and potentially contentious – your divorce is likely to be.

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High Net Worth Divorce

Agreeing to terms that support your financial future is too important not to know your rights and have an experienced high net worth divorce lawyer protecting those rights.

Other than issues related to conservatorship (child custody), divorces tend to focus on financial issues. Because financial issues are very prone to sticking points, high net worth divorces tend to be even more complicated. The fact is that divorce basically comes down to attempting to fairly divide the assets of two divorcing spouses, and when there are greater assets, the process tends to be more challenging. If you are facing a high net worth divorce, protect your best interests by working closely with a dedicated Austin divorce attorney at Philley Law.

High Net Worth Couples

Rarely does a couple have a high net worth without plenty of twists and turns in their financials, including complications such as:

Business Ownership

Landing on a value for a business that both divorcing spouses can sign off on can be an enormous battle in and of itself.

Diversified Financials

As a couple’s assets continue to grow, the financially savvy diversify their investments and holdings, which can make identifying all assets that need to be divided more difficult for some spouses.

Collections and Other Items of Value

Couples with high net worth can own far more of value than simply their financial portfolio and properties. In fact, things like art collections or valuable pieces of art, jewelry, watch collections, vehicles, boats, and more can greatly increase a couple’s overall value and can be difficult to divide.

Approaching Your Case

The greater a couple’s resources, the more room there is for your spouse to get creative by artificially diminishing value or even by hiding assets outright. It’s rare for both spouses to understand their shared finances inside and out. In fact, it’s much more common for one spouse to be far more involved in the finances than the other, and if you happen to be the other spouse, you could be at a distinct financial disadvantage. Although your high assets complicate the divorce process, you owe it to yourself and to your financial future to follow the right path toward discovering the full value of your community property (the property that belongs to both of you) and to pursue – with the skilled guidance of your divorce attorney – your just and right share.

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